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Welcome to this experiment!

I have enjoyed the Dresden RPG rules and want to run/play in a Dresden game. However, my life is complicated and busy… as are the lives of everyone I know and want to play with. I also need to develop more GM skills before I feel comfortable starting a campaign all of my very own. So I want to create a shared world that is run by a group. I would like us all to feel comfortable running a game or a story, and just like real life, the history and story can have multiple things going on at once.

I would like to run this over Skype, periodically, with whoever is free to play.

Anyone should feel empowered to create NPCs, places, and events. People who have made an established character can sign up to play any story that is running. Stories get reported into the timeline and the wiki, with any new NPCs or places that show up, and the world will build over time. Anyone can schedule a story and run it.

After that, take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Important Places
Google group: Dresden-Detroit
Google Calendar: Private, email LadyK for invite