The Wilds


Places of Interest
Ann Arbor – taken over by fairies, for the most part. The near Nevernever here is ruled by an unaffiliated fae, Lady Anne who manages to take the hedonism of both Winter and Summer Courts and punch it up a notch. She also maintains a high connection to the mortal world and has been able to protect, somewhat, her domain from the downfall of the rest of the state. She is capricious and powerful, and even the vampires are loathe to tangle with her. However, she has little interest in things outside of her Arbor.

Michigan State University – one of the few places that Summer holds sway in Michigan. Due to a fold in the Nevernever geography, Lansing contains several doors straight into the heart of Summer’s lands, and as such is guarded heavily by those loyal to Summer. The gardens are truly amazing, even to purely mortal eyes, with rare and beautiful species of plants from all over the world gracing the grounds and thriving, sometimes past logic.

General Considerations

The highways through the Wilds are usually safe and populated enough, but getting off them and going past the McDonalds and the gas station will bring you into honest wilderness, abandoned farmland, swamp and woods reclaiming what used to be civilization.

The beings who live here, supernatural and mortal, do not want to talk to you. If they wanted to be around other beings, they would live closer to them. This is hostile territory.

The Wilds

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