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Entering Detroit

Welcome to Detroit! I don’t think you passed by a sign reading “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here”, but that is only because someone stole it. And then probably got shot. Or eaten.

This is a co-op project – the Dresden system is a co-op system and this project requires leveraging that. I want players to develop their own stories – either one shots or longer term plots – and use this space (and the google group and the calendar) to create a world.

City Wide Themes

The Themes of the City are a lost sense of greatness, the recent history of being lost in the vampire war, and struggle of basically decent people against the forces that drag at the city. It is Urban Renewal in the Dresdenverse. Characters should interact with one or more of these from their creation.

City Wide Threats

Vampire Rule. Vampires Gone Wild. The White Council pulled out of Detroit, simply offering evacuation to a better protected city to their members and leaving everyone else to their own devices. While this means that the Wardens aren’t breathing down everyone’s necks, it also means that there is little to nothing that deters the Vampires from doing whatever they want.

If that isn’t enough, the near complete breakdown of lawful infrastructure causes serious problems for anyone who tries to depend on the usual braces of civilization. Jobs are few, money is tight, social programs are non existent, trash pickup is down to once every two weeks. The top 1% are still doing fine, living in gated communities just outside of the city slums, keeping the peace with private security.

Character Creation

A more in-depth look can be found here, but in general, make a Dresden character as per the book no further than Phase 3 and call in to one of the Skype establishment calls. At minimum, show up with a character name and a high concept of who/what you want your character to be. We’ll finish off characters and establish connections between each other, basically writing the story and the world.

Sign up to Obsidian Portal, then build a new character into the Portal.

A word on tone

All of the people I have invited to play are adults of various experience levels with role playing and the Dresden books. While I do not have plans to avoid any particular topic or topics, I also have no need to explore anything specific either. I do have a need to respect everyone’s comfort.

I ask that everyone be aware of their limits. Playing over the internet/Skype limits how well we can keep track of each others emotional wellbeing. Please communicate, early and often, about things that make you uncomfortable or that you find damaging to your fun.

I ask that we all respect each others limits. (I do not expect this to be an issue. I will be terribly disappointed if it becomes one.)

All of that said, this is also a space that can easily allow for the exploration of some very dark corners, and I am not against that exploration, as long as it is done with respect and care for the actual people involved.


I am collecting a bunch of useful links in Dresdenverse Reference, everything from system mechanics and character sheets to a short(er) history of Dresden’s world.

To style things how you want, you can use either HTML (with some restrictions) or a simple formatting language called Textile. It’s up to you, but Textile is pretty easy, while simultaneously allowing for lots of SOME customization. I haven’t had too much trouble with it, but it has a treatment of + that makes character sheets fun and exciting. Double = is your friend.

Also, a fudge dice roller can be found here: We’re on the honor system for dice.

Things to do

If you are reading this and want to pitch in, you can do these things to help: (and yes, I mean you. Did you read it? Then I give you permission. If I don’t know you and I hate what you do, I’ll change it. If I am hoping that you will play/run stories for the game, I will use whatever you come up with. If a game-background-writing fairy appears and makes places fully formed with aspects that inspire me, I will take the help. I know I need it.)

  • Make sure all people have at least one Aspect written for them
  • Make sure each location has a description and/or pictures
  • Make sure each NPC has a description
  • Make sure each NPC has a goal
  • Write up the supernatural schema and relationships
  • Finish linking important stuff to the Dresdenverse Reference page
  • Need a non canon page – where the game diverts and why.
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