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Welcome to the Dresdenverse

All links taken from the DFRPG home page

  • Harry’s World, and Introduction to the Dresdenverse
  • Maxims of the Dresdenverse
    • Monsters have Nature, Mortals have Choice
    • Things Fall Apart
    • Science Fails
    • Belief is Power
    • Magic is What You Are
  • What are we using?
    • The RPG is written through the first ten books and if you have read them, congratulations! You know everything there is to know about the world we are coming from!
    • Adjustments to Canon
    • If you haven’t read them, take a wander through the links on the DFRPG home page and brush up on factions and allies and enemies and the vampire war with the White Council.
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • The Laws of Magic
      • Important to know for any human spellcaster – the White Council will hold you to these by force. Retroactively.
  • Dresdenverse Reference

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