City Wide Themes

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History of Greatness

Most places in Detroit have the Aspect USED TO BE BETTER, even the ritzy spots are beginning to show some wear and tear, or have been upgraded to include some hefty security that impinges their chi. The bad parts of the city are full of relics from when the city was a thriving metropolis and the rot at its core cannot be denied. Detroit used to be a true bright spot in the world – a center of music, renowned for Motown and R&B, but also rock and roll, gospel, jazz and more recently techno. Detroit was huge in transportation, becoming the center of American automotive industry.

Character concepts that align with this are things like Junkie Who Sold His Guitar, Old Lady Who Refused to Leave and Washed Up Mechanic.

Lost in the Vampire War

Detroit itself could be considered a casualty of the Vampire War, though things weren’t great on the mundane front long before open hostilities broke out, gaining it the Aspect LOST IN THE VAMPIRE WAR. While the White Council never officially conceded Detroit to the Red Court, they did forcibly evacuate all of their members from the city and they haven’t really returned, at least not that they will admit to. They still maintain an official position of defending the Laws in Detroit, and if a Lawbreaker comes to their attention, they will eventually follow up, barring the destruction of the Council.

There isn’t open feeding on the streets, the Vampires still fear humanity a bit too much to tempt the torch and pitchfork crowd, but most facets of life in the city and surrounds have a heavy taste of one or another of the Vampire Courts and Houses. Red Court Vampires can be found anywhere in the city. The level of hopelessness in the city makes it a ripe buffet for the House Skavis, and they can be found almost everywhere within the city limits and slums. The other Houses of the White Court also maintain solid presences. Petty street crime remains largely mundane, but only because there are much more fertile fields that are easy to break into for those with the powers and the will to use them.

This does mean that most of the movers and shakers, mundane or supernatural, that have interests in the city tend to be either vampires, sponsored by vampires, being used by vampires, or some combination thereof. When, and if, you meet someone with power who is not involved with the Vampire Courts, upgrade them to a Power. They are tough enough, or sneaky enough, to stand alone against a lot of heavy weight predators.

Character concepts that give a nod to this theme are things like Red Court Infected, Clubhopping Kine, or A New Warden in Town. Whatever your concept, be prepared with an understanding of how your character feels about and deals with various flavors of vampires.

Sisyphys Understands

Nothing is simple for anyone in Detroit, almost any task anyone takes on has the Aspect UPHILL BOTH WAYS. Everything, mundane and supernatural, is surrounded by a web of half understood conditions, challenging environments, sub-optimal choices and jerry rigged solutions. The rich are running out of ways to get richer, but the poor aren’t running out of ways to get poorer. Sure, its a rich feeding ground for vampires, but that only means that competition is rising and more and more bloodsuckers are chasing fewer and fewer tasty kine while the lower ranks make do with the scraps of junkies and homeless.

This kind of a wasteland does attract a certain kind of person – the hopeful hero who sees that this is the kind of place where one person can really make a difference, that something is going to have to give unless the situation changes and they decide to change it. It also eats them up and burns them out.

Detroit is home to a host of do-gooders, from the bright eyed and strong, the faithful and patient, and the burned out who are going through the motions because they can’t think of anything else to do. All of these people are in a great position to discover new things about themselves or their world.

Character concepts that attach to this theme can be a wide variety of things like Pastor Defending Their Flock, Well Informed Librarian, Pyromancer Trying to Escape Notice, or White Court Scion Trying to Preserve the Food Supply.

City Wide Themes

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