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Creating a new character in the Dresdenverse is a highly conceptual process. Only the first half can be done alone, the rest of it needs the involvement of other people, other players, other characters. For this game, you can create you high concept, trouble, skills and history independently. The first planned session(s) will be character creation and establishment. Feel free to attend with nothing more than a name and a high concept. As a group we will flesh out who we are and how we know each other.

A PDF character sheet that can be filled out is here The minimum needed to show up to the establishment sessions is through Phase 1, please do not go past Phase 3.

We are playing in a Submerged campaign, which means each character has a refresh of -10 and is given 35 skill points, with a max skill level of Superb (+5).

Aspects are Important

The most important thing to have a grip on is Aspects. Read the Dresden books, poke around online, ping Ladyk or jsheena on IM to discuss them. Wordplay is encouraged, if not outright required. Skills and powers and numbers and items can all be hammered out as we go along, aspects are what makes the game move. A name and a high concept (your first aspect) are what will identify and drive your character. Aspects are specific to your character, and each of them should in some way define, describe and explain how your character can be expected to act in any given situation. The rest of the numbers and skills and powers are merely crunchy support for your seven Aspects. At least two of those Aspects will be developed during the first session.

Template and Musts

Templates are in the book and found online, with their accompanying Musts. Musts are what powers and skills you have to take in order to play that Template. All templates are open for play. If you want to do something that is not directly indicated, get in touch with Ladyk and we will work it out.

What skills should I pick?

Mostly skills are named in a way that if you have played RPGs before, you’ll kind of know what you are looking at. Some important ones to keep in mind I have listed below.

Skills that determine hit boxes: Conviction, Endurance, Presence
Important Skills for Magic Users: Conviction, Discipline, Lore, Craftsmanship (to a lesser extent)
Important Skills for Physical Combat: Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Might, Fists/Guns/Weapons
Skills to remember: Alertness is your ability to notice things, or make them up about your surroundings, Athletics is what is used to dodge attacks, Driving is also a general sense of direction, Resources is your paycheck

Powers and Stunts

This is where refresh comes into play. Mortals have choice, Monsters have nature. Power limits your freedom of choice. Refresh is a measure of your character’s freedom of choice, and your ability to change the game world. Spare refresh will give you more Fate Points during play, which will let you use aspects or declare them as you wish. Selecting powers or stunts costs refresh.

Mortal stunts all cost 1 refresh, supernatural powers can vary. If you want a kind of power that isn’t in the books, contact Ladyk and we’ll talk it over.

Special Note: Deviating from canon you will be able to take an additional, no cost stunt related to every skill you have on your sheet at +1 or higher. Everyone has a niche they do well in, or a specialty, or even the thing that they are most interested in within a skill. This stunt is slightly more limited than ‘normal’ stunts in that it is either a flat +1 to a circumstance or an additional circumstance you can use the skill in. These are supposed to be a quirk, a way to better flesh out your character, not an opportunity to stack bonuses. If you choose to not take these stunts, you have the option of taking them later or being given them over time.

Adding a Character to the Portal

Entering a new character – Click “Create Character”. Since there isn’t a FATE template in Obsidian Portal yet, we’re stuck with hacking together our own.

Name: Character Name

Quick description: High aspect

Description: Copy the following and fill in, removing any skills or stress tracks you won’t use, and otherwise modifying as needed.

Skills can be labeled with their numerical value (Driving: +5) or with the word and number (Contacts: Fair +2). Don’t panic if someone adds the words to your skills after you have submitted your sheet.

Stress tracks come pre populated with two boxes that look like "Ο" – this will show up as Ο add as many more as you need. (determined by your Conviction, Endurance, and Presence Skills) Add some for a Hunger track (determined by your Discipline) if you are a vampire or other feeding beasty.

*Power Level:* 
*High Concept:* 
*Background Aspect:* 
*Shaped Aspect:* 
*Phase 3 Aspect:*
*Phase 4 Aspect:*
*Phase 5 Aspect:*


*Total Refresh:*
*Base Refresh:*
*Adjusted Refresh:* 
*Fate points:*


*Skills (Total: 35)*


==Superb (+5):== 
==Great  (+4):== 
==Good   (+3):== 
==Fair   (+2):== 


*Stress Tracks*

Physical (2) Ο Ο
Mental (2) Ο Ο 
Social (2) Ο Ο 
Hunger (0)
Mild Consequence: 
Moderate Consequence:
Severe Consequence:


*Stunts and Powers*

(-X) Power 1
(-X) Power 2

If you are a spellcaster, also add the folllowing:


* Elements
** Element 1
** Element 2
* Evocation Specializations
** Specializations
* Thaumaturgy
** Thaumaturgy Specializations

* Focus and Enchanted Items
** Total Focus Item Slots: 
** Focus Items
*** Item 1 
**** Details
**** Details 
*** Item 2
**** Details


Here is where you write any history, physical description, relationships or other relevant information. If you wish, you may have a section explaining how your character got each of their aspects and notable stories on how they have used them. The more detail you have about who your character is and where they are from, the more connected you will be to the ongoing story.

tags include template, power level at creation, names of stories participated in

Character Creation

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