Will and Wonders

Revenge (Character Integration I)

“He wants to EAT you.”

Local up-and-coming goth/rock band played the first of three nights at Club Luna, a goth/fetish club owned in part by Laurent Argentine. After the set, Laurent met with the band’s lead singer/songwriter, Tamsin Darke and invited her to join him for a drink at the bar after she had finished “coming down” from the show. She agreed and made good on the invitation after a handful of minutes. The two began to talk and began to get to know each other, but were interrupted early in due course by Violet, whose club-inappropriate attire (asylum scrubs/comfies) made her stand out. Violet’s interruptive and forthcoming manner had successfully derailed yet another of Laurent’s attempts to socialize.

“You do know this vampire stuff is a stage act, right?”"

Violet, however, was on a mission to find Tamsin, because she had the uncontrollable urge to tell Tamsin that she knew, had seen in the eye of her mind, that Tamsin had been INFECTED BY A RED COURT VAMPIRE! Embarassed by Violet’s frankness and lack of tact, Laurent tried to explain in a more believable manner that he had noticed that Tamsin had begun to show the signs of change that the Red Court infected exhibit. However, Violet had done enough to damage to both of their credibility and Tamsin began to plot her socially appropriate exit strategy. Tamsin had dealt with crazy goth fans before, so she remained polite and kept her derisive comments to herself. Laurent suggested they move to his table where discussion could continue more privately.

“Hello, there. It’s all true. Monsters are REAL!”

When they arrived, they were greeted by Jackson Sinclair, who had been at the club in the quest of finding someone who might be in trouble and need help. He, too, had noticed the still-blooming trappings of vampirism upon Tamsin and, after eavesdropping upon the three, decided to insert himself into the situation. The latest addition to the farce, while earnest, seemed to improve upon the effort to convince Tamsin of the truth of their claims.

However, the gloves soon came off. Violet talked to her fevered vision, about the man she had seen lead her down into a basement morgue with the promise of intellectual curiosities beyond belief. However, once down in that enclosed spaces, he knocked her unconscious, had his way with her flesh, and passed along the vampirism infection. Tamsin had kept that event a secret. She was a tough girl, grew up on the streets. And admitted that she would relish the idea of finding the man and exacting some retribution on his private parts.

Seeing that Tamsin had allowed herself to believe that they had been telling the truth, Laurent spilled a few drops of blood from his wrist into a tumbler, rolling it about in Tamsin’s field of view, and talked of the sometimes-overwhleming hunger that vampires have. It was a seduction of sorts, designed to reveal to Tamsin that the spark of bloodthirst had perhaps flickered within her. Her gaze became locked upon it, realizing its importance on some instinctual level.

While they perhaps were not making much sense, Violet, Laurent, and Jackson began to sound like they knew what they were talking about, even if a bit incredulous

“Road trip!”

Violet then, with her usual socially inappropriate lack of tact, offered to find and lead Tamsin to the man that had infected her. Jackson encouraged the attempt, feeling that it was indeed best way to right a wrong. And if a Red Court monster would die as a result of it, then it was a bonus. Laurent could tell that little would change their minds. Even Tamsin was enjoying the idea of exacting her revenge on that bastard. A quick and curious step into the back of the club brought the group to a wall. Violet produced a doorknob and pushed it against the wall, sinking it in magically, and turned it, opening an entrance to the Nevernever. “This way!”

In the area of the Luna, the NeverNever looked like a desolate forest, cold and haunting. Violet led the group deep within, avoiding encounters as best as she could. A collection of shadows encircled them and threaten to gloom the party until the group, each to a person told the shadows that they were simply passing trough. Letting the group go, the shadows melted away. Violet then came to a area and opened the Nevernever once again

“I’ve been here before.”

The gang found themselves in a cement-block room, a wall of shelves for the dead. They were in a morgue. Tamsin grimly remarked that this was the place that she had been taken to by the man who lured her there with promises of dark delights. She had hardly a moment to fill in the gang with the details when she heard a familiar voice coming down the nearby stairs outside the room. It was him. And e was talking to another young woman, luring yet another one down here. Tamsin knew all to well what the man was likely to do. Bring her in, knock her unconscious, have his way with her…then drink her blood, infecting her as he did Tamsin.

The young goth/rock singer hopped up onto a table, crossed her legs and drew her darkest smile. “Hello sweetie!” Within a flash, Jackson shut the door behind the man. The stand-off had begun. Laurent challenged him to reveal what he was to Tamsin and he shucked off his ectoplasmic guise to reveal the bat-like Red Court vampire that he truly was. Jackson smashed at him with his crowbar. Tamsin cut the creature’s belly with her silver knife, spilling the blood of its victims out onto the morgue floor. Laurent remained aloof, apparently not wanting to get involved in the violence. Violet cradled the vampires intended victim and hid her face into the room’s corner. Within a few moments, the Red Court ws dead.

The gang bid a hasty retreat, heading back to one of Laurent’s small apartments. There, the group could calm down and Tamsin could absorb the night’s events and revelations. Jackson left, bidding Laurent a mild warning. Jackson did not know the full measure of Laurent’s intent, but he wanted to let the White Court vampire know that their partnership wasn’t to misconstrued as friendship, that he’d be around to help out people who needed him. Laurent gave the girls a ride home – Violet back to her sanitarium, and Tamsin back to the club where her car had been left behind.

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