Mystic Mental Patient


Template: Scion
Musts: -0
Power Level: Submerged
High Concept: Mystic Mental Patient
Trouble: Lidless Third Eye
Background Aspect: Honesty is the Best Policy
Shaped Aspect: Once and Future Pawn
Phase 3 Aspect: You Will Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set you Free
Phase 4 Aspect:
Phase 5 Aspect:

Total Refresh: -9
Base Refresh: -10
Adjusted Refresh: -1
Fate points:

Skills (Total: 35)

Alertness: Average (+1)
Athletics: Fair (+2)
Burglary: Average (+1)
Craftsmanship: Average (+1)
Conviction: Superb (+5)
Discipline: Superb (+5)
Empathy: Great (+4)
Endurance: Fair (+2)
Investigation: Great (+4)
Lore: Good (+3)
Presence: Fair (+2)
Rapport: Good (+3)
Stealth: Average (+1)
Survival: Average (+1)

(+5) Superb: Conviction, Discipline
(+4) Great: Empathy, Investigation
(+3) Good: Rapport, Lore
(+2) Fair: Endurance, Presence, Athletics
(+1) Average: Survival, Stealth, Contacts, Burglary, Alertness

Stress Tracks

Physical (3) Ο Ο Ο
Mental (5) Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
Social (3) Ο Ο Ο
Mild Consequence:
Mild Consequence (Mental):
Moderate Consequence:
Severe Consequence:

Stunts and Powers

(-1) The Sight
(-3) Sponsored Magic
(-3) Evocation
(-2) Worldwalker
(+1) Lidless Third Eye: The Sight is always considered active. She gains the rote ability to defend against intensities of Good or lower. Mundane actions, however, always carry a penalty, though the intensity is considered a level lower due to long practice of operating while Seeing and she can gain another level of mitigation if the Sight is one she is familiar with. She does not gain a penalty for actions going with her Sight, such as building divinations, detecting lies, and other cases where True Insight is helpful rather than distracting.
(+0) Soulgaze
(+0) Cassandra’s Tears: Can be compelled with visions of past or future.
(-1) Psychometry


  • Elements
    • Air
    • Earth
    • Spirit
  • Evocation Specializations
    • Spirit (+1 power)
  • Sponsored Magic
    • Uses Evocation’s methods and speed for all types of divination
    • Automatic specialization in divination
    • +1 bonus to power and control of divination
    • may use the control bonus from divination rather than the normal control bonus for evocation, as long as the casting is intended to widen horizons
  • Focus and Enchanted Items
    • Total Focus Item Slots: 4
    • Focus Items
      • Pocket Watch
        • +1 complexity for divinations
        • Antique, heavy silver pocket watch, heavily carved with the image of a falcon.
        • The watch itself no longer keeps time, though Violet can often be found tinkering with the small gears, and usually the watch is in enough of a state of repair that the hands are moving while she is on one of her adventures.
      • Crystal Pendant
        • +2 power defensive Spirit
        • a perfect, sharp octahedron of transparent, glittering violet, hanging from a tension setting of talons in platinum
    • Enchanted Items
      • Feather Ring
        • Charges itself with static electricity, can be released in a zone wide discharge.

“Contin Pace” a defensive spirit/air evocation of 6 shifts of power that directs energies and objects around Violet in a compete sphere. It makes a bubble of calm, peaceful status quo, maintaining light, sound, potential and kinetic energy levels to within her comfortable, or at least survivable, limite.

“Expugno!” A Weapon:5 single target lightning attack. Eye blindingly violet.

“Solvo te Libero” kinetic manipulation designed to release locks. Spirit based, Power 6.


Mystic Mental Patient

Violet is a brightly honest woman who pings the powered-o-meter and is found in public in a t-shirt and loose drawstring pants, bare feet and a medical bracelet announcing her as a patient at a local secured mental facility. She exudes an aura of amused innocence for the most part, but disturbing truths can fall from her mouth without warning or concern. She does not lie or condone lying, and typically addresses problems (or problems she has Seen) directly – going to the person responsible and asking them politely to stop, for instance.

She is incredibly facile with divination, knowing things she has no right to know is her usual state of affairs. She is also undeniably bonkers. Her mind, full of past, future and out of sight, can be unreliable on the here and now. She seems to maintain an off kilter electromagnetism and often gives herself and others less than pleasant shocks. Her natural mystical aura fowls things at a level stronger than her observed powers can account for, perhaps due to the nature of her relationship with time.

As a practitioner, she is limited in training and materials and often relies on a semi-instinctual grasp of evocation centering on electricity and emotions.

Lidless Third Eye

Violet’s Third Eye opened at puberty, intermittently at first, giving her nightmares, and then permanently. Her sanity is far more stable than she has any right to maintain, but even so she is unstable by any measure. She has been institutionalized for over a decade, and is currently a patient at Summerhill Therapeutic Center. Her Sight of the world is primarily coached in relationships to Truth. As such, she has little understanding of sarcasm or white lies, and deliberate attempts toward unTruth actively attack her experience of the World. This eternal Sight gives her an edge in absorbing information, but not in organizing it or making it useful to the mundane world.

While she has grown somewhat accustomed to Seeing all of the time, the Sight is not something that human minds, or even half human minds, were built to grow used to. Meeting new people or going new places can overwhelm her easily, and without the ability to close her Sight, being knocked unconscious can be her only relief.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Even before her Sight opened and she lost most of her grip on reality, Violet was a slightly odd child. She was an abandoned baby, one of those “found in a dumpster” cases who became a ward of the state and adopted. “Baby Violet” was named on the news due to her intense violet eyes. Her mortal family was a couple, an executive at GM and a stay at home mom, and she enjoyed an idyllic childhood on Lake St. Clair, attending private schools, dance and horseback riding lessons, and the other trappings of an upper class upbringing.

She was an almost absurdly model child, never lying, at least about anything important, though she did have imaginary friends and would tell her parents about adventures she had in far away places. She collected treasures, mementos of her ‘adventures’, that her parents assumed she found while playing imaginary games. She maintained few close friends of the real sort, though she was generally well liked. She preferred to spend her play time on her ‘adventures’.

The only time this became an issue was when she brought home the pendant. The violet crystal matched her eyes, but the clean setting was obviously custom work, and fine work at that. Not a piece that her parents could imagine someone dropping on a path and forgetting about. When they asked Violet where she got it, she told them that it was her birthday present from her real mother and she got it from the hourglass tree, where she always got her presents. This answer didn’t seem to upset her at all, but it gave her parents great pause. They tried for days to get an answer that made sense from the child, who tearfully insisted that she was telling the truth.

They asked her to take them to the spot and she refused, saying that the way there was closed now and she couldn’t get back until next year. They confiscated the necklace, which threw the usually calm child first into a rage and then into a sorrowful funk where she refused to do anything until they gave her present back. They took the piece to a few jewelers who did custom work, hoping they could find out who it belonged to, or who had made it. No one could identify the work, much less the rightful owner. Meanwhile, Violet refused to eat or go to school, retreating into stubborn catatonia. after inquiring with their lawyer and the police about a lost item, they gave in, returning the pendant to Violet, who quietly slid it onto a ribbon, tied it around her neck and went back to her usual life without another comment on the situation.

Once and Future Pawn

As Violet came into her Sight, and increasingly less connected to the reality she shared with her parents and friends, she started showing up at the scenes of disasters…before they occurred, trying to warn people. Not many people paid attention to her ravings, and by the time most of her friends were headed off to college, she was a full time resident at Summerhill. Her warnings were not wholly unnoticed in the supernatural community though, and her habit of telling people openly of what she saw in the world around her, or world to come, quickly grabbed the attention of the movers and shakers in the community.

The Argents have ended up with the most control of her, heavily investing in the Summerhill facility and her care specifically. They continually hope to find useful hints of the future or other’s current plans in her babbling, and try to keep her under surveillance constantly. They have learned that cameras don’t seem to function well around her and that no matter what locks they put on her room she still manages to leave pretty much at will. While she is destined to always appear to be a useful tool, she is difficult to manage.

You Will Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free

Violet has a special and ongoing relationship with the Truth. In some ways, she only interacts with Truth and has the same understanding of non-Truth that physicists have of dark matter – a lot of it exists but we can’t do anything meaningful with it. She always knows when someone is lying to her, though lies of omission have a slightly better shot of not upsetting her.

This continual, solid understanding of what is true gives her a vulnerable confidence. She moves fairly directly toward a goal, without questioning or bothering with petty concerns like safety (there are always possible realities that involve injury – lets see which one we end up in this time!) Whether it be by talent, skill, or pure dumb luck it is difficult to keep her from going where she wants, doors unlock for her, cabs always seem to come by when she needs one, being the Truth sets her free.

Character connections

Violet has the habit of putting on her “adventure gear” – a pair of oversized combat boots and a small back pack filled with odds and ends – and turning up just about anywhere that will let her in. And very few places have the security required to keep her out.

She is very connected to truth and destiny, so important events affecting a lot of people, or even important events in shaping a person, can draw her attention and inspire her to go experience it in the flesh, or give someone her version of help. It is very possible that your character would have seen her at almost any gathering of a large number of people, or spoken with her for a few moments that didn’t seem important at the time.


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