Tamsin Darke

Strong willed Goth-Rocker, Red Court Infected


Template: Red Court Infected
Musts: -3
Power Level: Submerged
High Concept:
Background Aspect:
Shaped Aspect:
Phase 3 Aspect:
Phase 4 Aspect:
Phase 5 Aspect:

Total Refresh: -5
Base Refresh: -10
Adjusted Refresh: -5
Fate points:

Skills (Total: 35)

Alertness: +3
Athletics: +2
Burglary: +1
Contacts: +1
Conviction: +3
Deceit: +1
Discipline: +4
Empathy: +3
Endurance: +2
Lore: +2
Performance: +4
Presence: +5
Resources: +1
Stealth: +1
Weapons: +1

Superb (+5): Presence
Great (+4): Performance, Discipline
Good (+3): Empathy, Alertness, Conviction
Fair (+2): Lore, Athletics, Endurance, Burglary
Average(+1): Deceit, Contacts, Stealth, Resources, Weapons

Stress Tracks

Physical (3) Ο Ο Ο
Mental (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Social (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Hunger (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Mild Consequence (social):
Mild Consequence:
Moderate Consequence:
Severe Consequence:

Stunts and Powers

(-0) Siren Song – +2 when developing a mood through music
(-1) Addictive Saliva, p162 YS
(-1) Blood Drinker, p188 YS
(+1) Feeding Dependency, p190 YS
(-2) Inhuman Speed, p178 YS
(-2) Inhuman Recovery, p190 YS


Real Name: Tamera Brody
Profession: Semi-professional singer/musician, Lead Singer of the Gothrock band “Nyghtside”

*ran away from her Irish Catholic family when she was 15, and lived on the streets for four years… has seen a few things most people don’t talk about.
*got involved with a street musician named Antonio who taught her to play guitar, and a few other instruments. They lived above a Goth-Industrial club called Alfie’s… Tammy loved the dark morbidity and rich beauty of the lyrics of Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy.. she spent all the spare money she and Antonio made busking on old velvet clothes she remade into her own…
*Antonio hated the whole goth thing, so when she feel into a band with other musicians from the club, he packed up his stuff and left her, telling her he was off to pursue “serious music”… she never heard from him again, although he was the subject of one of her first original songs… ( Die, Love, Die 2003)
*a couple weeks ago she met a darkly handsome man who was in the audience for one of her shows. He claimed to work in the Coroner’s office, and offered to give her a tour of their forensic lab. He led her down a concrete set of stairs, and unlocked a banded steel door… it all looked very official… until she stepped inside and saw that it was some sort of meat locker. She remembers something hitting her in the back, and she remembers cold and pain and the heat of her own blood. She woke up in a cold pool of it, her skin torn and slashed. Finding out she had been raped as well was almost an afterthought… and she dealt with it as such. Being from the streets, she had a pragmatists view of such things, and she quickly dealt with the trauma by expressing her rage in a few hard industrial sets at the club. She slammed her electric viola through a drumkit, and called it done.

Tamsin Darke

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