Rose Michaels


Name: Rose Michaels
Power Level: Submerged
Template: Champion of God
Musts: -5
High Concept: Lost Guardian Angel
Trouble: Shepherd of the Streets

Background Phase: Street Rat in a Dark Jungle
Shaping Phase: Blood and Sorrow
Phase 3: Forgiven But Never Forgotten

Superb (+ 5): Conviction (Strength of Purpose)
Great (+ 4): Discipline (God’s Child), Stealth (Shadow Walker), Empathy (Seeing Through Bullshit)
Good (+ 3): Endurance (Running), Alertness (Street Kid Intuition), Contacts (Ear to the Street)
Fair (+ 2): Burglary (Lockpicking), Presence (Aura of Command), Weapons (Knives), Athletics (Fence Hopping), Fists (Dirty Fighting)
Average(+ 1): Deceit (Bold Face Lie), Investigation (Poking Nose Into Things)

Alertness +3
Athletics +2
Burglary +2
Contacts +3
Conviction + 5
Deceit +1
Empathy +4
Endurance +3
Fists +2
Investigation +1
Presence +3
Stealth +4
Weapons +2

Cloak of Shadows -1
Marked by Power -1
Bless This House -1
Guide My Hand -1
Holy Touch -1
Righteousness -2


High Concept: Lost Guardian Angel
God has a plan for all his children, or so it would seem in the case of Rose Michaels. Her knowledge of the bible is shaky at beast, and many biblethumpers would look down their noses at her. She comes from a questionable past, springing up out of nowhere and declaring herself guardian of street kids everywhere, anyone that asked for help would receive it. Having come from darkness and into light, the girl now stands as a beacon against the evils of the world, sheltering lost lambs that she can find while still running from her past.

Trouble: Shepherd of the Streets
Ever tried herding cats? Now give them human intelligence and a lust for adventure. Rose has her hands full trying to protect “her” children from the evils of the world and keeping them safe and out of harm’s way. She has an almost martyr nature that will lead to her throwing herself into harm’s way to rescue those that need it, as well as constantly getting side tracked to draw in her little lost lambs.

Background Phase: Street Rat in a Dark Jungle
Starting out, Rose just wanted to get by. She was ruthless as any street rat, and looking to make a quick buck by whatever means necessary. She was constantly trying to ride the next high and get by through the next day. She met a woman by the name of Liana who promised to get her “what she needed”, which to a young Rose was all manner of drugs and adrenaline, trying to drown out the dark underbelly of the world. She found herself remarkably good at several things. Hiding. Sneaking. Stealing. She was almost invisible under cover of night, and could see like it was high noon, no matter the level of darkness. She knew Detroit inside and out, doing whatever was necessary to get by to the next day.

Shaping Phase: Blood and Sorrow
Every deal goes wrong, every high comes down. And so it was for little Rose. Whatever drugs she was given, they weren’t entirely natural, and suddenly she was spiralling down a dark hole. She doesn’t remember much, but her ‘ultimate high’ ended in blood, and the loss of her friends. Something dark had found its way into the world through her, using her as its means to an end to get free on this earth. A lot of blood on her hands, a sobering realization. She ran, turning her back on her old life and finding a new one, as a flash of light overcame her.

Phase 3: Forgiven But Never Forgotten
Rose saw the face of God, and he spoke to her in soft murmurs and comforting words. He told her he forgave her for what she’d done, but that she now had a duty to right the wrongs of her pact, to make up for what was lost. He spoke to her about evil in the world and about all of the children suffering. He told her that he needed her help. And with that, Rose was given a higher purpose, a job that she had to do to protect those who had no protector. She found she lost a lot of her control and manipulation of shadow and darkness, but can still find haven and sanctuary within it, hiding herself behind a mask of darkness. She also has found her prayers dangerously potent, as well as an eerie intuition putting her where she needs to be.

Phase 4: ???

Phase 5: ???
Marked by Power: While most of those marked by power are marked by one power, Rose has the (un?)fortunate situation of being marked by two. There appears to be a metaphorical angel and devil riding on her shoulders, both locked in a tug-of-war for her immortal soul. This battle is obvious to any supernaturals around her unless she actively works to suppress it._

Rose Michaels

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