Rin Chiyokon

Jade Court Spy/Thief/Ninja


Template: Jade Court Vampire
Musts: -7
Power Level: Submerged
High Concept: Jade Court Suppa (Spy/Thief/Ninja)
Trouble: TBD
Background Aspect: The Talented Hawk Hides Its Claws
Shaped Aspect: The Stake That Sticks Out Gets Hammered Down
Phase 3 Aspect: The Well Timed Swoop of a Falcon Means Victory
Phase 4 Aspect:
Phase 5 Aspect:

Total Refresh: 8
Base Refresh: 10
Adjusted Refresh: 2
Fate points: 2

Superb (+5): Stealth (barefoot)
Great (+4): Alertness (aware of opponents' threatening move), Athletics (balance), Discipline (pain control)
Good (+3): Endurance (sprinting), Fists (3-inch punch), Might (fireman's carry)
Fair (+2): Deceit (palming objects), Guns (throwing stars), Weapons (asian)
Average(+1): Burglary (climbing fences), Investigation (reading upside-down), Survival (starting fires)

Stress Tracks

Physical (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Mental (2) Ο Ο
Social (2) Ο Ο
Hunger (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Mild Consequence:
Moderate Consequence:
Severe Consequence:

Stunts and Powers

-1 Psychic Vampire
0 Human Guise
-4 Supernatural Speed
+1 Feeding Dependency
-2 Inhuman Strength
-2 Inhuman Toughness
+1 the Catch is Chi-Based Attacks
-1 Cloak of Shadows


Background Aspect:
The Talented Hawk Hides Its Claws

Grew up in privilege and luxury. Niece to the head of her house. Skilled at gathering and using information; that is to say … spying. Valuable asset to her family and trusted confident of the rich and powerful among the Court. Was the first to discover the White Council’s plans to wage war in the East.

Rising Conflict Aspect:
The Stake That Sticks Out Gets Hammered Down

Greed and need for power led to her selling secrets to the highest bidder, regardless of the consequences. Dishonored among her family; no longer trusted by anyone. Left bored, restless and dreading the thought of the next hundred years or so with nothing to do.

First Adventure Aspect:
Well Timed Swoop of a Falcon

Her brother was in Detroit to learn why the White Council retreated. He was murdered by two ex-Wardens before he could finish his task. Rin came to Detroit to avenge his death and complete the mission, thereby redeeming herself in the eyes of her uncle and her family. Since her arrival, there has been an increase in the number of dead Red Court vampires found beheaded in the streets.

Rin Chiyokon

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