Laurent Argentine

White Court Hedonist Brat


Template: White Court Vampire
Musts: -7
Power Level: Submerged
High Concept: White Court Hedonist Brat
Trouble: Burden of Nobility
Background Aspect: The World is My Oyster
Shaped Aspect: Golden Handcuffs
Phase 3 Aspect: Tell Me When The Boys Get Here
Phase 4 Aspect:
Phase 5 Aspect:

Total Refresh: 8
Base Refresh: 10
Adjusted Refresh: 2
Fate points: 2

Superb (+5): Presence (rock star)
Great (+4): Might (), Rapport (seduction), Resources (cars)
Good (+3): Contacts (supernatural community), Discipline {stubborn), Endurance (sex)
Fair (+2): Deceit (trust me), Fists (ear slap), Intimidation (vampire nobility)
Average(+1): Athletics (double-jointed), Driving (classic cars), Guns (bottles/cans)

Stress Tracks

Physical (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Mental (2) Ο Ο
Social (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Hunger (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Mild Consequence:
Mild Consequence (Social):
Moderate Consequence:
Severe Consequence:

Stunts and Powers

(–1) Emotional Vampire
(0) Human Guise
(-2) Incite Emotion At Range
(+1) Feeding Dependency
(-2) Inhuman Recovery
(0) the Catch is True Love
(-2) Inhuman Speed
(-2) Inhuman Strength


Phase 1: The World is My Oyster
Born into a noble line of House Raith, brother to Natalia Argentine and cousin to Lord Raith. Embraced his own vampiric nature early, reveling in the power and privilege. Found meaning in the selfish and hedonistic pursuits that his nature and upbringing enabled. Garnered a reputation as selfish, vain, and without the political influence for which his bloodline was known. However indulgent as a youth, Laurent was always smart enough to know from what source where his privilege came and always tended his relationships with family with great care. Indeed, though selfish in his motives, Laurent did in fact care a great deal for them – and the most for his sister Natalia.

Suspicion runs wild about the nature of the intimacy between Laurent and Natalia. Brother and sister, most certainly. But the tension between them has given rise to all manner of rumors, especially given their vampiric feeding habits. Sexual partners/predators? Addicted to the sharing of mutual lusts? Psycho-sexual power games? Perhaps the vestiges of what might have grown into True Love had either one of them not embraced their vampiric natures so readily? Some or all of the above? Regardless, the two are formidably dangerous when working in tandem and twin Scylla/Charybdis perils when at odds.

Phase 2: Golden Handcuffs
Laurent’s playboy life makes him the perfect bait for House Raith’s enemies. Trapped by Red Court vampires looking to put some last-minute pressure on Natalia, who chooses to save Laurent giving up her interest in the deal. She never forgave him for being so easily duped, but she sure as hell made sure that he owed her his life. He’s been doing her errands ever since. And, to even Natalia’s surprise, Laurent has managed to parlay his playboy reputation into making people believe that he’s at best a pawn in her sister’s schemes. As a result, Laurent has been able to gain confidences that her more officially recognized sister might not. It has made Laurent, silently, unnoticed, and somewhat unintentionally become a valuable asset. Natalia gives him the indulgent lifestyle he desires and in exchange, he handles the stickier matters.

Phase 3: Tell Me When The Boys Get Here
One half of a means to extend House Raith’s contacts, one half refuge from his own distaste for city politics, Laurent (at his sister’s encouragement) sought to extend his social circle to include more of the politically disenfranchised of Detroit’s supernatural set. Due to his underestimated political connection, Laurent makes a good contact for House Raith’s, uneasy and sometimes unlikely bedfellows. Strained relations at times, but there are those who find some liberation in his company. Supernautral being need to have some fun once in a while, too, right? And while most roll their eyes a bit when Laurent calls up saying they are going to “start some shit”, it is also undeniable that if you had to walk into a world of trouble it’s best to have a band to back you up. Not so much Laurent’s entourage, as others might rightfully suspect. Much more like…a new Brat Pack.

Laurent Argentine

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