Jackson Sinclair

Summer Knight, MSU Professor by Day, Summer Court Defender by Night


Template: Knight of a Faerie Court
Musts: -5
Power Level: Submerged
High Concept: Summer Knight, Defender of the Doorway to Summer
Trouble: Defender of the Defenseless/Surrounded by Winter
Background Aspect: Hell on Wheels
Shaped Aspect: Man of Two Worlds: Tweed by Day, Leather by Night
First Adventure Aspect: I am the Watchman, I Guard the Door, Last of the Summer Court
Phase 4 Aspect:
Phase 5 Aspect:

Total Refresh: 8
Base Refresh: 10
Adjusted Refresh: 2
Fate points: 2

Superb (+5): Weapons
Great (+4): Driving (My Faithful Steed), Endurance
Good (+3): Conviction, Discipline, Scholarship
Fair (+2): Empathy, Lore, Presence, Rapport
Average(+1): Alertness, Craftmanship (Keeping Rosie Running), Performance (Lectures), Resources, Contacts,

Stress Tracks

Physical (4) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Mental (3) Ο Ο Ο Ο
Social (2) Ο Ο O
Mild Consequence:
Moderate Consequence:
Severe Consequence:

Stunts and Powers

(–4) Seelie Magic
(-1) Marked by Power
(+2) Item of Power (Sword of Summer’s Flame)
(-2) Inhuman Strength
(-2) Inhuman Toughness
(-2) Inhuman Speed
(0) the Catch is Trappings of Winter


Where Did You Come From?

Jackson’s life was typical until the day he graduated from college with a degree in Ancient & Contemporary Literature and got his black belt in Kendo the same week. After that he blew his family trust fund to travel the world and learn the real secrets behind everything he had studied in school. Jackson wanted to find the magic that the world had seemingly forgotten and he wasn’t going to be satisfied until he did. He explored all of North America on the back of his trusty motorcycle Rosinante and was on his way South out of Canada when he got mixed up with some trouble.

Maybe it was just a gang of desperate bikers saying fuck you to the world, maybe organized crime was involved. Maybe it was all just a paranoid fever dream over a run of epic bad luck. Whatever in a whirlwind year, both of Jackson’s parents were dead and he had done 6 months in Detroit, Michigan County Correctional. When Jackson got out on parole, he wasn’t allowed to leave Detroit so his exploring days were done.

He took graduate level courses at MSU, got his Doctorate in less than 3 years and landed a coveted Junior Professor job in MSU’s Comparative Literature Department.

Phase Aspect

Not sure yet, could be Magic Is Where You Find It, or Hell on Wheels, or Rode With a Bad Crowd, Misspent Youth, perhaps?

What Shaped You?

Basics: This is when Jackson straightened out, cleaned up, and buckled down. He lived up to his potential and is now helping others to reach theirs. He’s the kind of professor that takes a lot of time with his students and does a lot of extra office hours. In his spare time he indulges his wild side and is active in the club scene (Connection with White Court?) He also voraciously tears through the extensive college library. He’s missing his road adventures and feeling more than a little bit fenced in. If he can’t explore the world for magic anymore, he’ll read about it in books.

It is around this time that Summer chooses him as the Knight. Details left fuzzy. TBD after consulting a bit on the Lady, the Queen, and the Mother. Was Jackson chosen to watch the Doorway? How long has he been the Summer Knight? Has he traveled much as the Summer Knight?

Phase Aspect

Depends pretty heavily on how the story goes. Possibilities include There’s a lot of truth in these old books, Man of Two Worlds: Tweed by Day, Leather by Night

What Was Your First Adventure?

Detroit has always been Winter’s bastion. But Summer has and must keep a foot in the door. While not as common as the Unseelie, there were still plenty of Wild Fae and even some holdouts from Summer on the mean streets. Besides, the Doorway must be watched and when called for, it must be defended. When the White Council pulled out and Detroit went to the dogs, everyone who could get out of town got out of town. Jackson stayed behind. Was he ordered to, or did he choose to? Either way, he wasn’t about to leave the innocent to be terrorized by Winterfae, Vampires, and Lady knows what else without a defender. Jackson takes chivalry seriously, he’s got an obligation to protect the good people of Detroit.

Phase Aspect

Not sure yet. Maybe I am the Watchman, I Guard the Door. Last of the Summer Court isn’t bad either. Or maybe One Good Man, or something similarly noir.

Jackson Sinclair

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