Howie Stevenson

half-boogeyman high-end ex-prostitue


Looking for connections! This character would also work well as a woman with minor adjustments, and I’d be happy to turn it over to someone else who would like to play.

Howie’s life was never an easy one. Raised by a single mother with drug and mental problems,he needed to learn how to provide for himself at an early age. An unusually pretty child, he was drawn into the world of the sex-trade early.

It was just another little tragedy in Detroit until Howie’s pimp pushed to far one day. Howie hid under the bed. His pimp followed. The next day, Howie was fine — but the formerly nasty and robust gentleman who had peddled his services was found the next day dead of a heart attack, his hair turned white.

The father Howie never knew was a boogey-man: a creature from the Nevernever that reaches into our world through closets and under beds. Closets and beds are places of power for Howie Stevenson, places where he has far more power to harm — or protect. He’s taken over his old employer’s position, but keeps his stable small, popular, and well-cared-for: they all know, if there’s a “problem client,” that help is only as far away as the nearest closet or bed. Howie still has a soft spot — and a strongly protective instinct — for children and those whose life has forced them to make difficult compromises for survival.

With the shifting power structures in Detroit Howie has been forced to work under the supervision of the Red Court, a situation he’s still exploring, but not particularly happy about. He knows the value of a soft word and an ugly compromise, so he will most likely adapt — unless circumstances push otherwise.

(Howie is in management these days, not “out in the fields,” although he will occasionally make exceptions for old favorites or very important clients. His home is literally a “glorified closet” — though some quirks of architecture, his home is mostly composed of walk-in closets and underbed-spaces, with some chunks of his office extending into the nevernever. If boogeymen are fae, he might be associated with the winter court or the wild fae.)

Howie Stevenson

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