Half-elf Street Urchin


Template: Changeling
Musts: applicable high concept
Power Level: Submerged
High Concept: Half-elf street urchin
Trouble: Knows too much about Summer
maybe change this to something about running from Summer to Winter’s Warmth, but not sure how to phrase that in a way that can be invoked
Background Aspect: Went to Knight School
Shaped Aspect: something about the quest his parents died during

Stunts and Powers

(-2) Worldwalker (YS171)


The name Arry is not a derivative of Harry; it is a Game of Thrones reference which the explanation of is mildly spoilery if you don’t already know it so I won’t put it here. It is pronounced like the name Ari. If people feel that it is too similar to Harry, I can change it.

If it is unclear from his high concept and picture, Arry is young, as in 10-12 years old. As a Changeling, his hair is actually naturally that color; he does not have brown/blond roots, but for obvious reasons I could not find a picture of that.

Born of a summer-court elf sidhe and his mortal lover, Arry was well-cared for as a very young child. His mother was his primary caregiver for the first few years of his life, as his father was an important (and busy) member of the Summer Court, but his father did visit him and mom regularly. Once he learned to speak and walk, he had occasional extended visits with his father in the Never-never, and eventually started getting small responsibilities of his own, with the hope of eventually grooming him to possibly become the Summer Knight (not that he was ever told that). (Background Aspect: Went to Knight School)

About a year ago, his father was sent on a fairly extended mission, and he asked both his son (Arry) and his wife (Arry’s mother) for help at times. As he was completing the mission, both he and his wife died. Arry was tasked by Titania with completing the mission himself, and was eventually successful. In the process, he learned more about the inner workings of the Summer Court than Titania was entirely comfortable with an unaligned Changeling knowing. Arry had seen the ways his father was often mistreated, and was reluctant to swear fealty to her, so instead he ran. Word of his existence quickly got to Mab’s ears, and the Winter Court is now actively trying to protect him and recruit him. He fled to Detroit knowing the Winter Court was strong here, and also knowing that Mab will likely eventually ask for an oath of fealty herself. He is just as reluctant to give that oath as he is to swear fealty to Summer, but loath to give up Winter’s protection. Thankfully, he has some bargaining power; the knowledge he has of the Summer Court would be highly valued by Mab. Of course, once he gives it up, the Winter Court has no use for him and is no longer motivated to protect him… (I don’t know exactly what the details of this quest was, or exactly what Arry knows that is so valuable. I’d be happy to change any of these details if it makes sense to do so.)

Arry lived as an orphan in his parents’ house for a month or two until he ran out of money and Titania started actively recruiting him. At that point he fled to Detroit, where he ran into Rose Michaels. That was 2-3 weeks ago. He’s been living with her since then.


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